canopy coaching


from 1:1 to in the air coaching

One-on-one canopy coaching is the most efficient way to improve your piloting skills quickly. It is adjusted to your skill level and you’ll have one coach working with you for the whole day, giving briefings and debriefings and shooting all your landings. You can do as many jumps as you’d like.


Team canopy coaching is basically like one-on-one coaching but instead of working alone with the coach, you can do it with a friend or other skydivers having coaching that day. No matter the experience of each group member, the coaching will be adjusted to your skill level. Briefings, debriefings and videos of your landings are also included. You can do as many jumps as you’d like.


FlySafe is proud to offer live air to air canopy coaching for those interested in experimenting a different approach to canopy training. This is one-on-one coaching, ground coaching and jumping together with your instructor, opening at full altitude, using radios to communicate under canopy with each other. To explain and demonstrate all the tools you will need as you progress onto smaller canopies and to help you gain confidence, addressing your fears and questions.

You will learn about landing on your feet, 2-stage flaring, tips for judging wind direction without the use of sock, turbulence, getting back from a deep spot, what to do in thick clouds, avoiding other canopies, landing patterns, canopy avoidance when landing, cross wind landings, exit points and flight plans, how to fly relative to another canopy pilot using your canopy inputs, how to build efficient patterns and how to avoid collisions.