team & staff


qualified team

Our team members will always ensure a high degree of professionalism, honesty, integrity and competence at all times, equipped with constantly updated support material and knowledge.

Bruno Geada (PT)

Over 20 years experience in Skydiving.
Focus on teaching canopy control, high performance canopy piloting and flocking.
Canopy Piloting Coach, AFF/Tandem Instructor.
Sponsorship: Icarus NZ, UPT Vector, Cookie, Intrudair, FlySight.

Profile Photo Lawrence Fansa

Lawrence Fansa (UK)

Over 18 years experience in Skydiving, Paragliding and Speedflying. Focus on high performance canopy flight including the UPT Mutant. Canopy Piloting Coach, Freefly Coach, Kitesurfing Instructor.
Sponsorship: Icarus NZ, GLH Systems, Cookie, Intrudair

Andrea Negri (IT)

Over 18 years experience in Skydiving, 10 years in Speedflying and BASE Jumping. Focus on high performance canopy flight. Canopy Piloting Coach, FAA Senior Rigger, Tandem and AFF instructor.

Sponsorship: Icarus NZ, Cookie, Intrudair.

Kirk Theobald (MEX)

Over 11 years of skydiving experience, 7 years experience in Speedflying and BASE.
Professional Canopy pilot coach, Aerial photographer and AFF/Tandem Instructor. Qualified Snowboard instructor.

Great Social Environment

We will always ensure that our students have nothing but a positive experience while working towards achieving their full potential as a canopy pilot!

100% Dedicated To You

We want to build close relationships with all our students with their welfare and best interests as our priority at all times.

Built For Success

Our lessons are structured to meet the needs of our students in an appropriate and  progressive format, maximizing benefits and minimizing risks, ensuring that safety is at the forefront of any decision.