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the 1st European Canopy School

FlySafe Canopy School was founded in 2013 by Bruno Geada at Skydive Algarve, Portugal.

At the time he wanted to create a canopy school to meet the needs of the large number of new skydivers attending the dropzone. The canopy school grew, and now receives over 200 students a year.

In 2015 Icarus Canopies NZ founded “The Canopy School” and invited Bruno to join their team of experienced canopy pilots. Flysafe started to give the courses following “The Canopy School” syllabus, applying the knowledge and experience gained over the years.

The school also offers 1:1 and group canopy coaching and gives all the support and instruction to canopy pilots of all experience levels.

We are focused on improving the skills of beginners to advanced pilots.

You can fly your canopy better! 
Believe in it!
Be the pilot! 


courses & coaching

All courses and coachings are one day.

Jump tickets are not included in the price.

Weather permitting, each course is at least 5 jumps, however, we will continue jumping until sunset.



If you are interested in having a FlySafe Canopy School course at your Dropzone, please contact us at info@flysafe.fun

Great Social Environment

We will always ensure that our students have nothing but a positive experience while working towards achieving their full potential as a canopy pilot!

100% Dedicated To You

We want to build close relationships with all our students with their welfare and best interests as our priority at all times.

Built For Success

Our lessons are structured to meet the needs of our students in an appropriate and  progressive format, maximizing benefits and minimizing risks, ensuring that safety is at the forefront of any decision.


qualified coaches

Our coaches will always ensure a high degree of professionalism, honesty, integrity and competence at all times, equipped with constantly updated support material and knowledge.

Bruno Geada (PT)

Over 20 years experience in Skydiving.
Focus on teaching canopy control, high performance canopy piloting and flocking.
Canopy Piloting Coach and Instructor.
Sponsorship: Icarus NZ, UPT Vector, Cookie, Intrudair, FlySight.

Profile Photo Lawrence Fansa

Lawrence Fansa (UK)

Over 18 years experience in Skydiving, Paragliding and Speedflying. Focus on high performance canopy flight including the UPT Mutant. Canopy Piloting Coach, Freefly Coach, Kitesurfing Instructor.
Sponsorship: Icarus NZ


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